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Training & Agent:
Height: 1.83 m. Eyes: green. Full member of British Equity and Danish Actors Union.
BA HONS in Drama at University of Natal, Durban, 1978 - 81.
Panorama Agency, Rysegade 103 B, 2100 Kbh.Ø , Denmark. Tel: +45 70 223 224, E-mail:

David trained and entered the acting profession in South Africa before returning to Britain in 1984.
He now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark


Theatre in Copenhagen includes:

2009: MAMMA MAFIA, Don Colzoni, Glassalon, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2008: HAMLET’S PRIVATE DICK, Sylvestinho/Claudius, Glassalon, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2007: FOGG’S OFF! Phileas Fogg & Detective Fix, Glassalon, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2006: FREEDOM 2006, Advertising Executive, Krudttønden, dir. by Nina Bassett
2005: LOOK NO HANS, Colonel Nachos, Glassalon, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2004: EARNEST, Jack Worthing, Glassalon and Edinburgh Festival, dir. by Vivienne McKee & Barry McKenna
2003: DRACULA, Count Dracula, Glassalon, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2002: BENT THE GLADIATOR, Bent, Glassalen, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2002: GAME, SET & MATCH, Teater Sthyr & Kjær, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2001: THE RETURN OF THE SCARLETT FINGERNAIL, Sir Percy Blakeney, Glassalen, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2001: MACBETH, Macbeth, Teater Sthyr & Kjær, dir. by Vivienne McKee
2000: TJENERINDENS FORTÆLLING, Prof. Piexoto. Det Kongelige Teater, dir. by Phyllida Lloyd
2000: EDUCATING RITA, Frank, Teater Sthyr & Kjær, dir. by Vivienne McKee
1999: NEVER SAY BONDAGE IS NOT ENOUGH, James Bond, Glassalen, dir. by Vivienne McKee
1999: CONVERSATIONS IN HOLLYWOOD, 22 roles, Teater Sthyr & Kjær, dir. by Niels Anders Thorn
1998: TARZAN, Tarzan. Glassalen, dir. by Vivienne McKee
1998: DEAD SERIOUS, Ted. Sceneriet, dir. by Vivienne McKee
1997: LOPPEN I ØRET (FLEA IN HER EAR), Max. Det Ny Teater, dir. by Lisbet Dahl
1995: INTIMATE EXCHANGES, Lionel, Toby & Miles. Sceneriet, dir. by Paul Spence
1994: SHERLOCK HOLMES, Dr. Watson. Sceneriet, dir, by Vivienne McKee
1994: BETRAYAL, Jerry. dir. by Paul Spence
1992: THE LISBON TRAVIATA, Stephen, dir. by Michael Simpson
1992:  MISS JULIE, Jean. Teatret ved Sorte Hest, dir. by Brenda Harrington


British Theatre includes:

KING LEAR, King of France & Lear´s knights, Northcott Theatre, dir. by Martin Harvey
ALICE IN WONDERLAND, King of Hearts. Northcott Theatre, dir. by Martin Harvey
MEASURE FOR MEASURE, Duke Vincentio. Theatre Museum Covent Garden, dir. by Tony Hegarty
MACBETH, Banquo, Orchard Theatre, dir. by Nigel Bryant


Film & TV includes:

2010: LIVVAGTERNE series 2, Shane, DR Drama
2009:  HEADHUNTER, Dr. Leipmann, dir. by Rumle Himmerich, Nordisk Film
2008: SUNSHINE BARRY & THE DISCO WORMS, Voice-over, dir. by Thomas Borch Nielsen, Crone Film
2008: KLOVN, Drys fra Muffedissen, TV2 Zulu
2008: AURUM, Mark Boland, dir. by James Barclay, Hemmingsen Creek Productions
2006: HERO OF GOD, Dir. By Søren Pedersen
2003: REMBRANDT, Fine & Mellow Productions, dir. by Jannik Johansen
2002: LANGT FRA LAS VEGAS, Metronome, TV2 Zulu, dir. by Jonas Elmer
2001: DEBUTANTEN, Nelund & Tafdrup I/S for DR, dir. by Christian Tafdrup
2000: HELP I´M A FISH! (Voice-over “Shark” and “Crab”) A film dir. by Michael Hegner
1998: MIDNIGHT ANGELS, Yardbird Shuffle Prod. Dir. by Annette Laufer
1997: ANOTHER YOU Nebula Films, dir. by Jesper Kodahl Andersen
1996: SPOON RIVER Kys Frøen Film, dir. by Anders Gustafsson
1995: KRYSTALBARNET Metronome, dir. by Peter Thorsboe
1995: BREAKING THE WAVES Zentropa, dir. by Lars von Trier
1994: KUN EN PIGE Regner Grasten Film dir. by Peter Schrøder


Voice-over/speak artiste:

30 years experience in radio drama, animation and feature film dubbing, documentaries, commercials, corporate videos (off and on camera).


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